Snowboarding at Big Sky Montana

I've been hearing great things about Big Sky Montana for a while and the rumors are true... it's GORGEOUS!! 

Even the airport has a great view

Even the airport has a great view

I finally got the chance to go snowboarding at this resort.  Aside from having some of the most beautiful views I've seen on a resort, the resort itself wasn't very crowded at all.  Bombing runs with no lines at the lift was a snowboarding heaven.

On the last day, we took a break from snowboarding to make a quick drive down the the edge of Yellowstone National Park.  Even though we didn't really go into the main area of the park, it was still great scenery.

The view from the back patio of our cabin was amazing.  The sky was lit up with stars at night, which is something you definitely don't see living in a big city.