My First Studio Shoot

A while back, my friends Liz and Sandy got The Houston Studio for a few hours to do a photoshoot.  Liz wanted some farewell photos before she moved to Chicago.  It was an awesome location right in the heart of downtown, so I jumped at the chance to sharpen my photography skills.  

Around the same time, one of my friends bought a new set of studio strobes and he was dying to test them out.  It was the perfect opportunity to bring it all together.  With this being my first time doing a shoot in a studio and my first time using studio strobes, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome.  Get ready for a LOT of pictures!

We had a couple themes throughout the shoot.  The first being a dramatic noir style with long black gowns.  

We then took a break for a wardrobe change and shifted to the other room of the studio with these awesome windows.  We went with a black and white casual theme that worked out pretty well for the setting.