2014 Year of Travel Part 1

With the coming of a new year, I like to look back at this past year to reflect on my experiences.  I wrote out a list of all the trips I've taken this year and boy has it been a year of travel!  3 countries, 7 states, 13 cities.  

Since I have so many photos to share with you, I'm breaking this post up in to 2 parts.  Be sure to come back to see part 2!

January - New Orleans, LA

March - Park City, Utah

March - Buenos Aires, Argentina

May - San Antonio, TX

May - San Francisco, CA

June - Chicago, IL

Sneaking Around Downtown


Every year around Thanksgiving, Linda, Kim and I have a day together pursuing adventure and art.  One year,  we filled a red phone booth with pink balloons, had a photoshoot and watched as passersby smiled at the sight.  Another year, we made paper cranes for Kim's Christmas Tree.  It's a fun tradition that we now call Day of Magic.

This year, we drew inspiration from looking at hashtagged photos of Houston.  We found several photos taken from amazing heights and vantage points.  Thus began our search for rooftops around downtown.

To start, we had a short jaunt around Bruce Munro's Field of Light in Discovery Green.  Since Linda is a budding photographer, I had a few short lessons with her on long exposures and using a tripod.  

We then "snuck" into a rooftop lounge of the Hilton that gave us exactly the kind of view we were looking for.  We hung out for a bit, while I got some wonderful shots of the city along with some great timelapses. 


Welcome to my blog! The photos will be doing most of the talking in this space. 

I compulsively document my experiences and am excited to share my perspective with the world.

In essence, this is my LIFE.