One of my photos featured in Houston Magazine!

I'm published!  One of the editors at Houston Magazine found me through my Flickr and featured my photo in their November Issue.  It's pretty amazing to see one of my photos published, especially with a full page spread.  If you're in Houston, go get a copy and check it out!  You can also check out my other photos from the Underground Cistern here!

Here's the photo that was featured

Here's the photo that was featured

Houston's Underground Cistern

Who knew Houston had such a beautiful, serene hidden gem.  They call it an industrial cross between a cavern and a cathedral.  The lights and sounds of this place are incredible, although at times a little bit creepy.  The slightest sound would echo throughout the entire 87,500 sq ft space.  Light spills in from a couple of small hatches giving just enough light for some great long exposures.